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retro bar and lounge lighting

’50s pendant lamps

Retro pendant lamps over the bar and lounge tables at Nice N Sleazy’s club in Glasgow. To give you a sense of scale, the shades are mostly the large size (15 inch diameter), with some medium shades (13 inch diameter) thrown in. The mix of translucent colors and retro designs creates a cheerful but not overwhelmingly-bright atmosphere. Fiberglass parchment pendant lamps are lightweight, durable and easy to clean, making them a good choice for bars, clubs, and lounges. photo courtesy of Sleazy’s

midcentury light fixtutes at nice n sleazys

Midcentury light fixtures

Midcentury light fixtures provide atmospheric lighting for the bar at Nice N Sleazy’s in Glasgow. A series of three-tier and atomic-tier fixtures are shown in a variety of colors, with bottom diffusers, and custom poker and horseshoe design.

The classic shapes of midcentury light fixtures have become a major influence on contemporary modern design. Few other styles simultaneously say, “retro” and “vintage,” as well as “contemporary” and “modern,” and few other styles have remained as fresh and modern with the passing of time.

Meteor has manufactured quality midcentury-style light fixtures like these since 1996.

photo courtesy of
Nice n Sleazy’s

retro bar lighting

Glasgow Hold’em

Retro hanging poker lamps over the bar in Scotland. We were a wee bit surprised and flattered to be chosen to do the lighting for the legendary rock venue Sleazy’s, both over the bar upstairs, and in the club. It seems implausible at first, but the mix of 1950s fiberglass pendant lamps and 1970s disco mirror ball on the ceiling works in the bar setting.

Shown with optional bottom diffusers, the shades, in a variety of colors, have the four card suits and a lucky horseshoe in the middle.

photo courtesy of Sleazy’s

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