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Large Light Fixtures

picture of large pendant cone shade light fixtures

Large Light Fixtures

Meteor Lights made these four very large cone-shape light fixtures as a custom order for Axis Cafe, San Francisco. The lamp shades were made from hand-stained, translucent fiberglass; the color is antique white, which provides a soft, even, and warm glow. The bottom diffusers on the light fixtures are 1/4″ translucent white acrylic.

giant cone light fixtures

Giant Modern Light Fixtures

Giant, custom cone-shaped, pendant-lamp light fixtures for Axis Cafe in San Francisco, CA. These pendant lamps are fabricated from hand-stained fiberglass parchment. They feature detachable white acrylic diffuser discs (acrylic diffusers available as custom orders).

Cafes generally require neutral lighting, like these cream shades. Darker and stronger colors aren’t as appropriate for the daytime casual work and social settings that cafes provide. Cafes frequently hang art on the walls, and many people use cafes to read books (remember those?) and work on their laptops, so brighter, neutral colors are ideal.

Photo courtesy of Axis Cafe.

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