“Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL shade!” – Frances, Atlanta GA (5/14)

“I received my shade and it looks gorgeous. I had something temporary on it, and this is the right dimensions, the right pattern, everything….thank you so much.” – Elana, New York City (3/13)

“Love it – everything I wanted it to be!” – Rhea, Chicago (1/13)

“Got the lights on Tuesday and they were in perfect order. Thanks for all your help and I’ll send you pictures in a few weeks.” – Howerton+White, Wichita KS (7/12)

“Love the shade – it is absolutely perfect.” – Paul, Silver Spring MD (6/12)

“Thought I’d send along a picture, light on and off….the shade is perfect!” – Barbara, San Bruno CA (6/12)

“Hi – I was in earlier this week and ordered a bunch of shades. You have my lamp posted on your website but here is a much better picture for you, it is not so washed out. Thanks for all your patience and help when I was there with my friends. I look forward to receiving the shades and bringing in the next set of lamps for their shades too! Thanks” – Anita, San Francisco (6/12)

“I got the lampshade last week and it was better than I anticipated. Really great job, I am very pleased. If I need more stuff I’ll come to you.” – Dan, Essex Fells, NJ (5/12)

“Hello! Just rec’d my new shades……they are fabulous and I love them!!!!!  Thanks so much”  – Cathy, Delaware OH (5/12)

“I received the lights today. The color looks good and we’re very happy with the product.” – Howerton+White, Wichita KS (5/12)

“Love your lampshades.” – Alan, Milburn NJ (5/12)

“Thanks so much for the lamp and for being so helpful and easy to work with. I’m very happy with it and the amount of light it’s giving off is great!!! I will now post on Facebook and who know? I love to pass cool things on to my friends. ” – Pia, Baltimore (5/12)

Received my order today.  I love my lampshades.  Couldn’t be happier.  Great job!” – Cliff, Warren MI (5/12)

“Thank you so much for all your help.  I attached a picture of the lamp I made with your shade.  She loved it!” – Colette, Hudson NY (5/12)

“Looks awesome!! Beyond happy.THANKS!” – Brian, Seattle (5/12)

“It looks perfect. Thanks so much for your help.” – Anne, Bealeton VA (4/12)

“…drop dead gorgeous” – David, Pompano Beach (4/12)

“I did receive the sconces. They are great. Let me talk to the architect about the other two.” – John, Fiesta Modern Mexican Cuisine, Chesterfield MO (4/12)

“About 2 weeks ago I got my lampshade. I absolutely love it. It is beautiful. It puts the finishing touch to the room. At some point I will send you a picture…when I figure out how to get it from the camera and send to you!! Thank you so much for your help and I am happy I did this for myself. I am a very satisfied customer and you can quote me!” – Angela, Rochester NY (4/12)

“There is, as far as I am aware, no one in Australia making these fabulous shades – I love them!…We have a tripod teak and brass lamp stand that is begging for the atomic 3 tier! Cheers” – Saffron, Australia (4/12)

large fiberglass lampshades in the studio

custom pendant lamps

“I love the Vostok Lamp and three-tier lamp shade. Probably will order more after deciding what size is right.” – Louis, Rochester Hills MI (4/12)

“Received my lamp shade. I love it. Thanks for working with my time frame.” – Kathryn, Abilene TX (4/12)

“ the great! Totally dig it. Thanks” – Sandra, Austin TX (3/12)

“I received the lamp shade today, and I have only one word to say WOW!!! A really beautiful job, it looks fantastic and so well made. I guess you can tell I really like it. I am going to purchase another lamp and I would like you to make another shade for me. I wish I had room in my house for 20 more. I will contact you with the details of the new lamp. Thanks for such a wonderful job, It’s nice to know that there are people who take their craft seriously and do a really professional job. Please don’t forget me, I will be in touch soon. I will recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for this kind of work
Regards,” – Howard, Levittown NY (3/12)

“…what I love about your shades is that they are hand done and of high quality….thank you.” – Mary, Hastings NE (3/12)

“I received the shade yesterday, and it is just perfect with the lamp. Beautiful workmanship. Thank you so much.” – Kathryn, College Park GA (3/12)

“I came by this past Saturday and very fortunately bought one of your beautiful lampshades, that was on the shelf already made.I couldn’t be more thrilled, the lampshade is not only perfect for my lamp but gorgeous during the day and also in the evening when I turn the lamp on. The lampshade brings a warm and cozy glow which completes my Living Room, just lovely/ Thank you so very much! I couldn’t be happier with one of your creations and will certainly be coming back for others. Photos attached. Much Appreciated!” – CoCo, San Francisco (2/12)

“just wanted to say i got the shades and i love them. you did a great job. they look so cool. peace,” – Jeanie, River Edge NJ (1/12)

“I purchased an inverted, fiberglass, two tiered pendant light from your website several years ago. The large tier is 18″ and the small tier is 13″. It hangs above a breakfast table..We love the mod vibe it gives our breakfast area.” – Doris, Lakeway TX (1/12)

“You guys are so GREAT! I have a lampshade made for a very unusual piece of wood base by you guys, just love it! But I’ve recently moved and my Danish modern cone lampshade was broken in the move. You still will do these replacement lampshades don’t you?…Fingers-crossed you do” – Jeannie, Los Angeles (1/12)

“Hey there, It’s me, Mauvianne. I love my lamp in my dining room. It really looks great. I was surprised you didn’t post the picture. I think a lot of people would really like it. If you never got it, let me know.” – Mauvianne, Livermore CA (1/12)

“Thank you so much! Happy Holidays to me with new shades for my old lamps! They are perfect! Please find attached some photos of my babies! Piston Lamps from Wright Cyclone Engine model GR1820 6102 from a DC 3 aircraft, made in 1942 by my father, William.” – Elizabeth, East Boston MA (12/11)

“Just wanted to send along a picture of the most recent purchase from Meteor Lights. We are really happy with it. It adds so much interest to our dining room.” – Julie, Washington DC (11/11)

“Can’t wait to receive the shade. The last one you made for me is so fantastic.” – Lisa, Arlington, VA (11/11)

“Just checking on this order because I’m so excited to get the shades. The other shades I got from you recently are beautiful and the subject of much admiration. Thanks.” – Hanna, Brookline MA (10/11)

“The beeswax pieces arrived today – perfect timing as I had the day off…Thank you so much for making it work….Thanks again for your good service…Best.” – Larry, Wichita KS (10/11)

“oh, here is a photo of our restaurant with some of your lights….the blue glass in seattle” – Dan, Seattle (10/11)

“it’s beautiful. Perfect. Thank you so much.” – Sean, San Francisco (9/11)

“cool!” – Ron, San Francisco (9/11)

“This looks PERFECT; THANK YOU for all of your help…I REALLY appreciate it.” – Jennifer, Oxford, OH (9/11)

“They look FANTASTIC!!! I got the first part of the order today and I’m absolutely thrilled with them. They are just what I wanted. I’ll be on the lookout for the last 3…I’ll forward you installation email to my GC…Thanks so much…I’ll be sure to take pictures of them once they are installed so you can see the finished, finished product!…SO excited to install those gorgeous pendants!!!!” – Kathy, Cycledelic, Rockester NY (9/11)

“Not at all! I think I used the wrong word. I didn’t mean expectation, I meant it was so much better than I envisioned. Pictures on a website are great, but don’t really man anything until you actually see and touch an item in person. I love the look and feel of the shades – they are much sturdier than I thought. I can’t wait to have it installed in my dining room. I’ll forward a picture when it is done!” – Mira, Tempe AZ (9/11)

“Just wanted you to know that I got the lampshade and it rocks! Looks much better than I expected. Thanks!” – Mira, Tempe AZ (9/11)

“I received the lamp shades yesterday. Beautifully made and just the right size and shape…” – Larry, Wichita (8/11)

“It has a beautiful glow” = Bridget, Torrance, CA (8/11)

“Thanks so much for packing the pendant so well. It is absolutely PERFECT!” – Wanda, New York City (8/11)

“Yes, they were here when I got home. They’re perfect. Thanks!!” – Kim, Silver Spring MD (8/11)

“The shades just arrived and they are PERFECT! Again, many thanks and I appreciate your time, willingness and ability to do the job.” – Stephen, Oakland CA (7/11)

“delighted w/ the shade and thanks for your help. Did you do the shades for MadMen?” – All best,” – Janis, New York City (7/11)

“I received shades yesterday and love them! I’m attaching a picture of one of the lamps with the shade. Thanks!” – Carolyn, Washington DC (6/30)

“Just a short note to tell you that our fixture arrived last week and we installed it yesterday…I’ve installed a 150W incandescent “Globe” bulb (about 5”-6” in diameter) in the fixture and control it with a dimmer switch. It looks great!!! Thanks for everything.” – Sherm, Needham, MA (6/11)

“The shades arrived and…they look great. They really are lovely and the webbing pattern is a perfect match.” – India, Tucson AZ (6/11)

“received the new lampshade this week and it’s terrific – thank you so very much. Cheers,” – Jeremy, Portland OR (6/11)

“the shades are very nice looking and well made. Thank you!” – Lisa, Fullerton, CA (5/11)

“I got the lamp today. It was worth the wait!! It’s wonderful. Thank you.” – Robin, North Little Rock AR (5/11)

“Received the shade and it’s PERFECT! Thank you so much!” – Sue, East Troy, WI (5/11)

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I ended up using the Bali Shades right away, rather than having to store them. I love the unique material! They look great! I’m really glad that I scoured the city for lampshades and ended up finding you. I’ll keep you in mind for future needs. Thanks again,” – Teresa, San Francisco (4/11)

“They look GREAT – job well done!Thank you,” – Stephen, Oakland CA (4/11)

“I dig your stuff, and have sent links to your website to a couple of people. The prices seem well within reason as well. As a one-off, made-to-order craftsman myself, it gladdens me to see other, apparently successful businesses making stuff that just can’t be made in a large factory setting. I don’t think it’s at all jingoistic to think that it’s all the better that your goods are American made. All my supplies come from the Land o’ the Free as well, with the exception of some of the thread. Thanks again.” – Tony, Tumwater WA (4/11)

“I just love your shades. So happy I found your site” – Carolyn, Washington DC (4/11)

“I received the wall sconce shades today. It was definitely work the wait. Outstanding craftsmanship and attention to details. I will recommend your shades to other vintage travel trailer owners. Keep up the outstanding work!” – Tom, Youngwood PA (4/11)

“attached are a couple of photos of the lamp. Thanks again, it looks great!” – Steven, Alameda CA (4/11)

“The lamp is beautiful in my livingroom.” – Erin, San Francisco (3/11)

“Hi thanks for the great shade. It looks good on my Martz lamp!” – Brad, San Francisco (3/11)

“this ROCKS” – Olive, Seattle (4/11)

“The two you sent a few weeks ago are just right. Thank you!” – Ursula, Baltimore (3/11)

“Thanks for sending the hardwire set! The pendant looks amazing in our dining room. I’ll try to get a good pic” – Jessica, Chicago (3/11)

“Just got them…damn…i have to put lamps together now. you’re the best.” – Liz, Philadelphia (3/11)

“Thanks so much for the beautiful shade. Once again, I love your company’s work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!” – Joanne, Robbinsville NC (3/11)

“Hello! We just got our pendant shade today and it is FABULOUS!!!! Thank you, thank you! We are already dreaming of sconces for our wall…One hitch: I….ordered the wrong hardware. Is it possible for us to ship the swag plug-in back to you and pay the difference for a (black) hardwire set? Just let me know the best way to go about the exchange. Thanks so much for the beautiful work on the shade!” Jessica, Chicago (3/11)

“It has been awhile since We last spoke I purchased 2 lampshades from you and was very happy with the results. They look fabulous. Thanks for your help in sizing the shades and the Harp your input was greatly appreciated…Enclosed is a picture of one of the lamps. Thanks,” – Bill, Cleveland (2/11)

“Hi, I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how GREAT the lampshades look in the media room. You did a wonderful job and we love how they look. It was worth the wait. I will be ordering from you again soon because the breakfast room lamp shade needs to be replaced and I want to get another one from you….Thank you again. You do terrific work.” – Anne, Columbia SC (2/11)

“Light arrived today and it looks amazing! Thanks so much!” – Meghan & Keith, Delmar NY (2/11)

“I just received the shades you shipped out on the 8th, plunked them onto my Deco lamp bases, and voila! 18 months after beginning the search for how to finish those great finds, your little drums have done the trick. Thanks so much! For the fine craftsmanship, quick response and friendly exchanges. I’ll be sure to pass on my delight with your outfit. Many thanks again.” – Karin, New York City(2/11)

“I received the lampshade today: it looks great (it is the perfect scale for this lamp), and especially lighted up.” – Christine, Chicago (1/11)

“I’m super excited about finding your site. Such awesome shades!” – Jessica, Chicago (1/11)

“I’m already the proud owner of one of your pendant lights (aqua and orange atomic 3-tier), and I couldn’t be happier with it. So much so, that I’m back for seconds, this time for my kitchen overhead fixture. A question, however: I have a feeling I’ll need a diffuser with this one, since it will be directly over-head and, hence, possibly too bright to stare directly up into (should one choose to do that). Do customers normally go with a diffuser if the pendant shade is not going to be above a table? If so, how does one change the bulb with a diffuser built in? Would I have to reach over the shade, from the top? Currently, I have a dome light in the kitchen, and reaching over its top lip top feel around for the bulb and sockets is quite the pain, so I’m not sure I’m ready to do that on this next luminescent iteration.

Here are some pics of my current Meteor shade, as well as the kitchen were a newly desired one would go. I’m thinking, currently, reverse two-tier, X-large, in Grey for the main tier, Orange for the accent tier, turquoise lanyard, and black stripes over the Grey. But, I’ve changed my mind endless times on this matter before. (If you want to feature this pendant on the website, I’ll take some better photos in better lighting with a cleaner table).” – Sarah, Columbia, MS (1/11)

“these are lamps are AMAZING!!!” – Erika, Portland, OR (1/11)

“I found a lovely vintage lamp and this will be perfect.” – Becky, Corvallis OR (1/11)

“Hi. Just wanted to say that the lampshade I received is INCREDIBLE! The
same styling and care was put into this shade as would have been
during the atomic era. It’s simply gorgeous. I’m so glad that a
company like yours is around to help spread the mid-century love.
Thanks again!” – Katie, Taylors, SC (1/11)

“Just wanted to say I got my lamp shade just before xmas and it is absolutely brilliant. I’m going back to the water to get another.” – Kent, St John’s, NL, Canada (1/11)

“Got them! They look fantastic!” – Mandy, Lakewood, CO (12/10)

“I have had shades made by you in the past, and love your aesthetic and craftsmanship…I am sorta out of the loop on the comings and goings of the finer vintage stores, and have friends coming into town that want to shop for a “very special gift” retro lamp. Do you have some good SF, Peninsula, or East Bay vintage storefront recommendations ? Thanks and look forward to the next time I need the perfect lampshade.” – Karen, San Francisco (12/10)

“Thanks so much! Ya’ll are the best when it comes to customer service.” – Katie, Taylors, SC (12/10)

“Thank you so much! I am looking forward to its arrival. I appreciate your work and look forward to doing business with you again in the future.” – Natalie, Ormond Beach, FL (12/10)

“got my lampshades yesterday and I love them! They look great in the room, and really suit the lamps they’re on. I also want to thank you again for not using styrofoam packing peanuts! Such a pleasure not to have to clean all that stuff out of my kitchen for the next week, and then figure out an environmentally friendly way to get rid of them. keep up the good work!” – Alexis, Derby, CT (10/10)

“Your shades are stunning!” Andrew, Columbus, OH (10/10)

“I love the shade. Thanks for everything.” Terry, Williamsburg, VA (10/10)

“I got the shade. Thanks! Its lovely.” – Kris, Brooklyn (9/10)

“It really is a beautiful fixture! ” – Allen, Austin, TX (9/10)

“Just thought I’d let you know I got the lampshade yesterday and it’s awesome! I love it! Thank you!” – Sue, East Troy, WI (8/10)

“just a quick email to say thanks for my lampshades – they look great! ” – Vanessa, Wellington, New Zealand (8/10)

“Loved our lamp!” – Laurel, Philadelphia (7/10)

“I love it! It couldn’t be more perfect!” – Meredeth, Weehawken, NJ (7/10)

“Just wanted to say that I received the shade and it’s incredibly beautiful!! Thanks so much for your hard work!” – Ann, College Park, MD (6/10)

“Wanted to let you know the pendant looks great! I will try to get photos of the pendant installed. Thank you so much for the help!” – Janet, The Design Studio, Sun Valley, ID (6/10)

“…impossible for me to be any more pleased with these lights- i love love, love them- already called my electrian to hook up- they will look perfect in the shop- right scale, color, style- the craftsmanship is stellar- thank you!!” – Joy, Petali Teas, Alexandria, OH (5/10)

“Thank you so much for getting the light to us on time! It is so perfect!” – Kristin, Roundabout Diner, Porstmouth, ME (4/10)

“Thank you so much for the beautiful shades. They look fantastic and very original.” – Jesse, Satisfied Client, Jacksonville, FL (4/10)

“I got the shade and it looks perfect in the Airstream.” – Mike, Tucson, AZ (4/10)

“Well, the lampshade finally cleared Canadian Customs and I picked it up today. It looks FANTASTIC and I could not be happier! It makes my lamp look great and gives off a wonderful colour in the room, definately a superior product.” – Steve, Whitby, Ontario, Canada (4/10)

“The lampshades are great!! They really brighten up our living room. This is great stuff. THANKS MUCHO!” – Michael, Huntington Beach, CA (4/10)

“Thank you for coming through on everything, I’d be pleased to order from you again for myself and clients.” – Clare, Marble Hill, NY (4/10)

“We got the shades today. They look great! Thanks for the rush order.” – Janine, Scoundrels, ABC-TV (3/10)

“Here is the shade on the little lamp. It’s a bad pic but it’s perfect! Love it. ” Sue, San Francisco, CA (3/10)

“Finally received the shade and it’s great! Thank you. Look forward to my next order.” – Wendy, Philadelphia, PA (2/10)

“This is my second Meteor Lights order, and I’m planning a third. Good to know you folks are out there.” – Blaine, Corvallis, OR (2/10)

“What beautiful shades! Thanks,” – Dorothy, Stateline, NV (1/10)

“thank you for the info. by the way I love my shades! I always get great compliments. thanks” – Robin, Catonsville, MD (1/10)

three-tier lampshade made to custom heightfiberglass wall sconce lampshade
“the antique white shades we just received are super! Thanks” – Richard, Ouray CO (8/07)

“Just letting you know that all the shades have arrived safe and sound except for a short stay in customs. (Bastards!) Put a few up, they look fantastic. Once I have put them all up I will send you some pictures. Thanks again.” – Jodie, Mt. Hotham Australia (7/07)

“The lampshade is beautiful! Thanks so much.” – Andrice, Portland (7/07)

“You are the god of lamps!” – Francesca, Sand Point ID (7/07)

“looks beautiful…thanks again.” – Eddy, San Franciso (7/07)

“..both shades look great and I’m perfectly happy.” – Christine, Lexington (5/07)

“I received the beautiful fabric today. It was in perfect condition and I wanted to thank you for your excellent service.” – Deborah, Columbia MO (5/07)

“I received my lamp shade today and I love it!” – Candy, Fruita CO (5/07)

“the shades look fantastic…really cool.” – Jeff, Benicia CA (5/07)

“I just received the lampshade today, and it’s beautiful – exactly what I expected! Thank you!” – Kristin, NYC (4/07)

“The shade was delivered today and it looks awesome. I am thrilled…Totally worth the wait!” – Lisa, Shaker Heights OH (4/07)

“I received my atomic in pale yellow and gray this week and despite my second guessing myself (but not driving you crazy with changes) it is absolutely perfect on the lamp against the yellow wall.
Exciting but exactly the right speed. You did a beautiful job on it and i will send you a couple new orders next week. Be prepared to let me get creative. Thanks.” – Maggie, NYC (4/07)

“The shade arrived last week. It looks perfect. Thanks for the nice craftsmanship and excellent service. I’ll likely be ordering another shade in the very near future.” – David, Wash. DC (4/07)

“Just wanted to thank you for the lampshade. You are awesome…love it! Here are some pictures for your website.” – Eric, Broadview Heights OH (4/07)

“I am a very pleased past customer with the shades you made for my vintage travel trailer.” – Margaret, Roseville CA (3/07)

“I wanted to let you know that my lampshade arrived today and I love it! It looks great on the lamp base. I’m wondering about ordering another lampshade in the same size and type.” – Mary, Diamond Bar CA (1/07)

“The shades arrived today in good order and I am simply thrilled! One might never know that they are not original to the lamp thanks to your excellent eye and your decision to use the antique material for us. I am most grateful!” – Kathy, Milwaukee (1/07)

“Thanks man! I just got excited when I got the one! It looks absolutley fabulous you did a great job.” – Gregg, Anaheim (1/07)

“Wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the lampshade. It is perfect! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!Happy New Year!” – Susan and Wolfgang, Warren R.I. (12/06)

“Just wanted to let you know we received our lamp shade yesterday, and it looks absolutely fabulous! We really love it!!! Thank you for doing such an amazing job on it and getting it to us before Christmas. It’s just fantastic! Have a great holiday season, and all the best in 2007!” – Jen, Winnipeg (12/06)

“I recieved my order last week…I couldn’t be happier!! The light is way cool and beautiful. I look forward to ordering more aftern the New Year. Thanks again for a great job. Happy Holidays!!” – Laura, Virgina Beach VA (12/06)

“I wanted you to see how nice the Moss lamps worked out with the shades you made. Also, attached is your pink drum shade on a simple mid century lamp base. Thanks again and you will hear from me when I find another lamp in need of some TLC.” – Doug, Dewey AZ (12/06)

“Yes!! It arrived this morning, thankyou.! It is even nicer than I anticipated!! It was worth the wait. Thanks again for

everything.! I hope I can drum up some business for you!!! Have a wonderful Christmas!!!” – Lisa, Thorold Ontario (11/06)

“I got my shade yesterday and I love it!! The quality is GREAT–it was
worth the wait:-) Thanks and Have a GREAT day.” – Tiffany, Acworth GA (10/06)

“Thanks so much–you’ll be hearing from me again–lots of shadeless lamps!” – Robin, Boulder (10/06)

“have been meaning to let you know the shades arrived in great condition and you did a wonderful job. Will try to get you a photo of the finished product (pretty cool lamps). Thanks for a great product.” – Doug, Dewey AZ (9/06)

“Shades arrived safe and sound today, and look very nice.” – Joan, Yonkers (9/06)

“Of course it is beautiful!” – Dianne, Lakewood CO (9/06)

“The shade is fabulous! Passed your company’s name on to a bunch of friends in the home furnishing world. – Elise, Brooklyn (9/06)

“Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve received my hanging atomic lamp and I love it! I felt like the father from A Christmas Story as

I stood outside of my house at night and peered through the window just to see how perfect it looked. Great job! Thank you.” – Danielle, Tucson (9/06)

“Absolutely love it!!!” – Nancy, West Orange N.J. (8/06)

“i am what you call very very happy. what a sweet and simple
solution, and now my studio looks a thousand times better…my first,
but hopefully not my last meteorlight.” – Terry, Seattle (7/06)



“Lampshades are awesome! Thanx” – Elsa, Deerfield Beach FL (7/06)

“IT ARRIVED! Sorry, I meant to tell you. It arrived on Friday afternoon and looks LOVELY over our table.Thanks for all your help and for

your beautiful work!” – Andrea, Ottawa (6/06)

“We are thrilled with our second purchase in the past few months! You make the most awesome lampshades we’ve ever seen. So thrilled that

we found out about you! You are the best in the business! Thanks, you did a great job!” – Denise and Dave, Swartz Creek MI

“WE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! It’s too cool for school! I was actually at home today and was able to sign for the shipment.Thank you so much

for the excellent service. Great packaging!. Don’t worry about the shipping, I am just glad that it’s here and looks fabulous.Thanks again

Rob, you do wonderful work. Sincerely,” – Chuck and Linda, Deerborn (4/06)

“Hi, our new lampshade arrived on monday, it looks great, I noticed how perfect the stitches are around the hoop, very nice! Can’t wait

to get the other hanging one for the kitchen. We are so glad we found out about you. Thanks” – Denise, Swarrz Creek MI (4/06)

“Just wanted to let you know the lampshade arrived today. It’s lovely – well worth waiting for. Thank you.” – Susan, Santa Fe (4/06)

“Thanks again, they are wonderful.” – David, Palm Springs (4/06)

“The lampshade arrived in perfect condition and looks great.” – Dianna, Baltimore (4/06)

“I just want to say: WE LOVE IT! Your lamp shade is so AWESOME! I had a great time using your web site, talking to you and have you
help me figure out exactly what we needed. And the end result was better than we imagined – like art with a light bulb in the middle. I look into
that room and pause and smile. Thank you for a great experience and product.” – Caroline, Glen Rock (4/06) NJ

“Our shade was received on Wednesday this week and we could not be more satisfied. Thanks for a quality product – I guess that makes it worth the wait.” – Bob, Columbus OH(3/06)

“The lampshades are beyond what I hoped they would be – they are absolutely gorgeous!! THANK YOU! And the packing job was also an art form. I am buying all my lightshades from you from now on!!! Keep on working your magic… They are make me happy everytime I look at them!” – Nina, NYC (2/06)

“we have received our shade and they are perfect! I love them! ” – Bethany, Pewee Valley KY (1/06)

“The lampshade I ordered (order # 1226) arrived safe and sound and is beautiful” – Charlotte, Arkansas Pass TX (1/06)

“My panther lamp is looking forward to a knock-out new shade.” – Kelly, Long Beach CA (1/06)

“shade looks killer, thanks.” – Thomas, Madison (1/06)

“The shade looks great…..I think it’s the perfect size, so please do send
the second one. Thanks again for helping me with all of the design and
details – it looks better than I imagined” – Mary, Seattle (1/05)

“I really love them. The color is great and good for atmosphere. They add polish to the room.” – Laurel, Denver (12/05)

“I got it, it’s beautiful, thank you!” – Alaina, Ann Arbor (12/05)

“We are very happy with our 3-tier lamp shade, thank you. The quality of your workmanship is outstanding and it was so easy to install it in our house. Thanks again!” – Ali, San Jose (12/05)

“2nd time I’ve place an order – I loved the first two shades, time to get some more.” – Stephanie, North Liberty IA (10/05)

“Hey I got my shade and it is sweet!!!….I love it. I have a good distance from the bulbs…i’m glad i called and you made it bigger to fit my my lamp…its
perfect….this is a big lamp. And man, with two bulbs on it really glows…Great Job.Even my wife likes it. It’s a beautiful shade. Thanks again.” – Brian, Commerce Township MI (9/05)

“They look great! Thanks again” – Ian, Miami FL (6/05)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. :) I got the shades yesterday. :) :) They have to be the awesomest shades I’ve ever seen! Okay, I know ‘awesomest’ isn’t a
word, but somehow it applies here…and they’re my shades,so I’m biased on the awesome factor. ;) My 9-year-old daughter helped me pick out the design on
the shades, and she was very impressed with them too. They were absolutely worth the wait,and I thank you once again.” – Holly, Fort Leavenworth (6/05)

“Love the new shades… They look great.” – Alan, Jersey City (6/05)

“The tall cones came in today & I put them up this afternoon. They look great!…. I really appreciate your hard work in getting these done for us & I wish you could hear peoples comments about the shades & watch them look up at them & around at the decor of the restaurant-It is very rewarding.” – Sue, Houston (4/05)

“By the way, I received it. Here are some pics. Love it. I bought a hand-blown glass rose chain pull in NC last summer and it’s matches perfectly. Thanks!!” – Terry, Alexandria VA (4/05)

“Just a quick note to let you know that your handiwork arrived safely. To put it mildly, Julie and I were delighted! The wood bases we inherited from Julie’s grandmother whose tastes leaned toward Danish modern. I’m certain she would be well satisfied with her granddaughter’s care of this keepsake. In short, thank you and we look forward to the opportunity to do business with you again” – Joel, Knoxville (4/05)

“I’ve ordered from you before and really liked what you put together.” – Jim, Seattle (4/05)

“HI! I just received my lampshade today, Wednesday the 3rd. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I am so in love with it!! It fits my lamp perfectly!! Thank you so much for your help and suggestions and most of all, your superior product!!! It was definitely worth the wait!! Thanks again.” – Lauren, Clifton NJ (3/05)

“Hey there – My dad loves the new shade with his rustic lamp base. It was exactly how I pictured it would be. Can’t wait to get some shades for my old lamps!” – Elise, Iowa City (2/05)

“Hello Meteor Lights! I got my lamp this week and it is absolutely perfect – you even included hooks to hang it, a bonus! I couldn’t be happier – with the lamp and with your extra service. Thanks again! ” – Kim, Alta CA (1/05)

“Yes, the shades are beautiful and well worth the wait. Thank you.” – Nancy, Evanston IL (1/05)

“I got them, and they are even more beautiful than I could have even thought. The site doesn’t even do the justice. You, cannot imagine how perfect they are in person. Thank you It was worth the wait.” – Mandy, Clinton NC (12/04)

“The shade arrived in good shape and looks great!” – John, Newfield NY (12/04)

“I wanted to let you know how satisfied I was with the quality of the atomic shade I received about a month ago. It was everything I expected! No short cuts or inferior materials…the perfect shade for my art deco style floor lamp. Also, I appreciate your patience and input when deciding which materials, trim, and design I wanted. It wasn’t the cheapest one I found on-line, but I enjoy it so much I don’t even remember how much I paid for it.” – Mark, Florida (12/04)

“The shades are here. They look great” – Amy, NYC (12/04)

“thought you’d like to see the lamp and shade…the colors are almost perfect but the photo doesn’t show it. The lamp is slag glass and the combo is perfect. Thanks again” – Terry, Slippery Rock PA (11/04)

“they are beautiful and in perfect shape.” – David, Ft Lauderdale (11/04)

“I received the fixtures last week, and they look great! You guys do wonderful work!!!” – Angela (11/04)

“Thank you so much , your lampshades are works of art…” – Sharon, Woodland CA (11/04)

“We received our shades, and we love them…They look great. Shades are much nicer than the ones that came with the lamps, which are Scandinavian and tall. Perfect for our Texas-contemporary house. ” Helen, Austin TX(10/04)

“Wow, I got my shade and it is very nice. Thanks so much for a great job.” – Tom, Boston (10/04)

“I got the shade on Saturday, and it is perfect! Thank you for a job well done!” – Paul, Seattle (9/04)

“Looks terrific, just what I wanted.” — Susan, Cambridge MA (8/04)

“I received the shades this morning and they are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much, my husband
and I couldn’t be happier.” – Molly, Marlborough MA (8/04)

“Thanks! We received the shades and love them!” – Bethany, Pewee Valley KY (7/04)

“All arrived okay and am real happy. You do good work and I love the
innovative packaging.” – Doug, Dewey AZ (7/04)

“Thanks for the quality product. It looks great.” – Anthony, Chicago (7/04)

“Just got the lamp two days ago…I LOVE it!! It looks great.” – Jennifer, NJ (7/04)

“When I got home from work, my lampshade was there. It is absolutely beautiful and works perfectly
with my cypress knee lamp base.” – Letha, Columbia MO (6/04)

“the perfect touch to finish the retro look I’m going for. ” – Bonnie, Lynn Haven FL (6/04)

“You did a beautiful job….This shade is gorgeous, and we will be doing business
again.” — Louis, Augusta GA(5/04)

“I got the shade and I love it!” — Catherine, Cape Coral FL (5/04)

“I received the shade yesterday…It is beautiful…I will treasure it.” — Concetta, Austin TX (5/04)

“I received my new lampshade this morning – I LOVE IT!! Thank you!” — Liz, Minneapolis (4/04)

“The lampshade arrived and the colour and size were just right” — Serena, Cambridge MA (3/04)

“Thank you… for my beautiful lamp shade that you custom made for me. I just love it! When my mother in law saw her old floor lamp with the new shade she asked for it back! Of course she was kidding.” — Claudia, Woodbridge CA (3/04)

“We got them, and they’re outstanding.” — Rick, Lancaster PA (2/04)

“I LOVE the look of the shade.” – Kim, Madison WI (1/04)

“I just got it. It’s a work of art (functional and elegant)–more than I ever thought I’d find but everything I was hoping for!! …We are enjoying it already!” — Hannah, Brookline MA (12/03)

“We ABSOLUTELY LOVE the lampshade!!! Thank you so much; you did such an awesome job! We have already started spreading the word up here in seattle.” — Libby, Seattle

Note: We’ve been making custom lamps and shades since 1996, but didn’t go on-line until March 2004…

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